The Best Xbox One Controllers

Add some variety to your gaming life.

Last Updated: June 2018

Having the right controller in your hands can be a critical step towards gaming domination. Microsoft’s own Xbox One controllers are excellent and always a safe purchase, but the days of all third party Xbox controllers being cheapy monstrosities only fit for your little brother are over. Compared to the stock units some of these controllers offer a bit more panache, more features and customization, and other niceties and customization options. They often cost a little less, too.

To help you sort it out the wide selection of Xbox One controllers we’ve compiled a list of the best third-party controllers for the Xbox One. These will appeal to both serious gamers and those who just want to explore other options. If we missed one let us know in the comments below!

Best Third-Party Xbox Controller: Razer Wildcat

The Razer Wildcat delivers a focus on build quality and customization options targeted at hardcore gamers. It comes with four programmable buttons and a quick control panel for functions like toggling between profiles or muting the volume to avoid annoying your roommate or spouse. Stiff analog sticks and rubber grips are designed to endure long gaming sessions without causing you to lose your grip.

Another Great Xbox One Licensed Controller: Horipad Pro

The Horipad Pro is an officially licensed controller that features extra paddles on the rear that you can map to your preference. The glossy design sets it apart from its rivals, although you may need to keep a rag handy for wiping of all those fingerprints. It’s wired, which saves you the hassle of keeping it charged, but may be a drawback depending on your specific gaming setup.

Best Customizable Xbox One Controller: Power A Fusion Pro

The Power A Fusion Pro has all the style and pro features of an elite controller, drawing comparisons to Microsoft’s own Xbox One Elite Controller. As mentioned it has a pretty great build, and configurable paddles so you can tweak the gaming experience to be just the way you want.

Best Xbox One Controller for Sports Fans: NFL Face-Off Controller

Representing your favorite NFL team is often a year-round endeavor. To help you in your crusade, the PDP Face-Off Controller can be outfitted with a faceplate from your favorite team, or it can be made to look like a football if you want to keep your options open. I mean… why someone would want a controller with the look and texture of a football we can only guess. But we wanted you to be aware that it was an option.


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