State of Decay 2: Every Trait We’ve Seen So Far

Traits define each survivor, and some are much better than others. Each survivor’s trait is given at random so there’s no telling what you’ll get when you meet someone new. Traits cannot be upgraded or changed.

Not all traits are really all that beneficial, but there are some standout traits you’ll hopefully find in strangers you meet that you can then recruit to your community. If you happen to already have one of these traits, make sure that person doesn’t die.

When creating a new community, be sure to roll through multiple characters to get good traits!

If you for some reason have a character with terrible traits, remember that you can make them leave your community.

EditAll State of Decay 2 Traits

Below are all traits we’ve encountered, including their know effects. Head over to the Skills page to see what each skill does. 

Trait Description Effect
Angler I’m pretty good at catching food, if we can find a body of water that isn’t full of corpses. Adds skill “Fishing” and provides +2 Food per day.
Animal Lover I’ve had more friends with four legs than with two. Unknown
Birdwatcher You should see what I can do with a pair of binoculars. (Watch birds. That’s what.) Affects Skills (Doesn’t say which ones)
Blade Collector My bedroom wall was covered with swords. I could only take five or six of my favorites.  Affects Skills (Doesn’t say which ones)
Bold Driver You can’t really know a car until the gas pedal hits the floor.  Unknown
Broad-Shouldered You can carry a lot on a good set of shoulders. +15 Max Carrying Capacity
BBQ Master You can make the egg salad, but nobody touches the grill but me. Adds skill “Cooking”
Carries Hand Sanitizer There is so much hand sanitizer left lying around stores. Is nobody washing their hands anymore? +50 Infection Resistance
Camp Physician I’m not a part of the military, but when the refugee camps needed doctors, I volunteered. Adds skill “Medicine”
Comic Book Dealer I traded and sold rare editions out on the convention floor, as well as a ton of other merch. Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge. Adds “Geek Trivia” skill.
Decent Shot I’ve always been decent shot on the range, even without any formal training. “Shooting” skill bonus
Delivery Driver I got to know the city like the back of my hand, just in time to leave it behind forever. Adds skill “Driving”
Dependable Friend I was a lot of people’s “one phone call”. +50% Standing Rewards 
Not Easily Frustrated
Empathetic Have you ever read any Bulter? I feel like I’m Lauren. If you feel it, then I feel it too. Avoids getting into conflicts.
EMT During the outbreak, I saved the ones I could, and made sure the ones I couldn’t never got up. Affects Skills (Doesn’t say which ones)
Exuberant I’ve got that youthful exuberance that keeps me going all day!

+20 Max Stamina
-50% Fatigue Severity

Food Critic The real tragedy here is the lack of a decent chef anywhere on the frontier.  -5 Morale
Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen
Former Model I mostly modeled for local ads, but I looked great, I had an agent, and I was going somewhere. Unknown
Grew Up Around Cars In my neighborhood, every driveway had some old beater that the owner was fixing up. Morale bonus from the Auto Shop
Affects Skills (Doesn’t say which ones)
Hong Kong Cinema Fan  I’ve seen every fighting style that exists. Plus a few that don’t. Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector
Affects Skills (Presumably Fighting)
LARPer Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Adds “Acting” skill
Lies About Age I usually tell people I’m in my late twenties. They take me more seriously that way.  +25% Standing Rewards
Loved Riding Bikes When you’re a kid, a good bike means freedom.

Affects Skills (Doesn’t say which ones)

Loved School For those few hours every day, the world made sense. Unknown
Meal Delivery Driver I used to deliver meals to elderly shut-ins, when their kids were too busy to give a crap. Affects Skills (Doesn’t say which ones)
Minored in Chemistry Honestly, I just had a crush on a TA. I didn’t think chemistry would ever be important to me. Adds skill “Chemistry”
Needs Quiet Time Look, sometimes you just need to shut up a second, so I can think! Easily Frustrated

Irritable towards other people

Neighborhood Watch I walked around my block every night, watching for anything suspicious. Skill bonus.
Nosy There’s no such things as “my business” and “your business”. It’s all just business. -3 Morale. 
Affects Skills (Doesn’t say which)
Partner in a Law Firm All those eighty-hour weeks, and I was finally made a partner… two weeks before the apocalypse.  Adds “Law” skill
Plans Ahead You always have to go in with a plan, even if you know you’re going to change it.  Unknown
Played Sports If it has a ball, I’ve played it.  Affects skills (Doesn’t say which ones, but this character starts with a high base Cardio)
Quilter I used to organize these charity quilting projects out of my house Adds “Sewing” skill
Railroad Engineer Car engines are pretty different from the big ones, but I can still help out in a pinch. Affects “Mechanics” skill
Rescues Spiders They eat the bugs that contaminate our food. Of course I keep them alive! Unknown
Science Teacher I wonder if I could’ve been a criminal mastermind, like that chemistry teacher on TV.  Adds skill “Chemistry” 
Sewer Dweller I took refuge underground during the outbreak. I’m not really comfortable around humans. -50% Community Standing Rewards
Slightly Stocky I’ve always been a bit big-boned. I know it’s had to tell after months on the run. +20 Max Health
-10 Max Stamina
Sold Fertilizer I did sales for a big fertilizer company. I had to know the product in and out. Adds “Gardening” skill
The Muscle My old crew kept me around because I was so physically intimidating. Powerhouse Skill
Undertaker I dug the holes at a small cemetery. Only equipment I needed was a shovel and a strong back. Affects skills (higher base cardio)
Vacationed in Spain My parents flew us all out each summer to their vacation home on the coast of Spain. Unknown
Vlogger I got to the point where I was making a pretty good living just on reaction videos. Adds “Self-Promotion” skill
Will Drink Anything You’re worried about the worm in that tequila? I used to drink bottles with scorpions inside. Morale bonus from Stills and Bars
Whittler When I actually bought a dentist’s drill to decorate my walking stick, I knew I had a problem. Morale bonus from an upgraded workshop
Adds high “Craftsmanship” skill
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